About Us

November Services is a Software Consulting Company dedicated to providing organizations custom technology solutions for their business needs by developing, designing and deploying software. 

As an independent software firm, November has the flexibility to design non-proprietary software solutions, built from the ground up utilizing true industry standards, specifically for your use. The experience in our firm is founded upon both advanced academic degrees in both computer science engineering and artificial intelligence, as well as 10+ years of practical knowledge creating software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. The expertise gained both in academia and in the industry allows November to share specialized operational knowledge, and utilize proven methods to integrate critical, multi-protocol and enterprise level installations and deployments for all types of clients.

Our Services

Mobile Development

Android, iOS and web applications across all phones and browsers.

Web Development

From simple website designs to full stack web applications 

Database Development

Relational and document-based data organization

Server Development

Responsive REST API’s that that allow both 1st and 3rd part integration

Software Architecture

Design a secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure that solves all your needs

UI/UX Design

Design components, pages, screens etc. for visualizing your interfaces

Project Management

Structured management of personnel through agile development cycles


C++, Objective C, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, React, React Native, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Apache, Nginx, Docker, AWS, DigitalOcean, OWASP compliance, Machine Learning, Stripe, Git, JIRA, Adobe XD, and much more

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